About Us

The Community of Caring Hearts Charity was formed in 2012 by a group of community-minded charitable individuals with a desire to serve those in need in our community. It is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. We are an all-volunteer organization. No paid staff!

The CCHC raises funds through the promotion of charitable events. Funds raised from events and donations are allocated to local charities identified through a vetting process by the CCHC Board.

Donors can give confidently knowing that funds will be maximized and pooled with other donations to impact in a much larger way than individual contributions to a charity (the multiplier effect)

The goal of our organization is to distribute 100% of the net proceeds from each event that we host to non-profit organizations in our community. We are an all-volunteer organization. Our administrative costs are less than 1% of our gross income. Therefore, the impact of our donor proceeds for those in need in our community is much greater than other similar organization.

CCHC also enhances its charter by ensuring that the charities we designate are stable and operating with low operating costs.


  • To enrich the lives of individuals and families who are in need by raising funds to support sustainable local charities that can improve and transform the future of the people they serve.
  • Facilitate a direct connection between donors and those in need
  • Ensure a high percentage of funds raised reach individuals and families
  • Help other charities help those in need

Board of Directors

Janeen Bellissimo

Bob Carlini – Treasurer

Laurel Grauff Caras – Vice President and Secretary

Kasey Hollon

Steve Jacobs

Steve Kemp – President

Jill Russell

John Sanders

Mission Statement

Our organization will focus its charitable fundraising activities on local community organizations to assist individuals and families who are in need, and where our organizational support will make a significant difference.

Ways In Which You Can Help Support Our Mission

  • Sponsorships and Donations
  • Live and Silent Auctions
  • Raffle Tickets

Organizations Caring Hearts Has Supported

  • Minnie’s Food Pantry
  • The Monsignor Henry V. Petter Endowment Fund
  • Adat Chaverim
  • The Assistance Center of Collin County
  • Family Outreach Center of Collin County
  • Agape Resource and Assistance Center
  • City House

Gross Proceeds The Community of Caring Hearts Contributed to Local Charities

  • Approximately $375,000 through the first six years of operation


City House

City House offers a great heartfelt thanks for the wonderful work Community of Caring Hearts has done to support City House, and other local charities in Collin County. Their hard work creating and flawless execution of a tennis and golf tournament resulted in a substantial contribution for our mission to protect children, empower change and transform lives. We are so grateful to their hard work and for helping to raise awareness of homeless kids and young adults.

Sheri Messer, City House

Agape Resource and Assistance Center, Inc.

“Community of Caring Hearts and Agape are a living example of what our community can accomplish when we work together”

Janet Collinsworth, Founder & Executive Director of Agape Resource and Assistance Center, Inc.

Minnie’s Food Pantry

“Thank you for choosing Minnie’s Food Pantry in your past fund raising events.  The donation helped Minnie’s Food Pantry provide 78,000 meals to the community.  The partnership with your organization and with Steve Kemp’s leadership was instrumental in helping Minnie’s Food Pantry continue our mission of providing complete healthy meals.  It takes community support to achieve our goals and we are thankful for the donation from The Community of Caring Hearts Charity”

Cheryl Jackson, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Minnie’s Food Pantry

Family Outreach of Collin County

“Family Outreach of Collin County greatly appreciated Caring Hearts Charity by supporting our organization with generous funding. Working with the people involved in this charity were very supportive of our work in the prevention of child abuse. We were able to help many families through personal mentoring, financial aid and parenting classes.”

Nan Griffith, Family Outreach Center of Collin County (Known today as Family Compass)

Assistance Center of Collin County

“Tanya (Executive Director) and I and the entire board of the Assistance Center are grateful that you chose the Center as a beneficiary. Your support means a lot to us and will make a big difference in the lives of those we assist. It is support like yours that enables us to continue to serve the community.”

Steve Sutton, Board Chair, Assistance Center of Collin County